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Hi, aand welcome to Green Escape! You have wandered into a strange territory, then you see a tall white wolf with odd red markings. He asks you calmly, "Who are you"

Whats your answer?
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Post  Fuega on Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:31 pm

[rand]Name: Fuega

Nicknames:Flame(only because her eyes look like they are flaming when she gets angry)

Age: 1 and a half

Gender: Female

Eye Color: Green

Fur Color: White

Markings: A red flame thing under her left eye


Accessories: A beaded necklace with a leaf on it

Personality: Fuega cares much for the wolves around her even though she is not really that friendly and open.

Species: Transylvanian


-extreme gore

Pack: GEP

Rank: Omega

Family in the Pack: none

History: I will try to make this short and sweet. I was born from a Gypsy, a legendary one so I was always surrounded with odd tonics and herbs and a pretty crazy mom. My father left my mother earlier so I never saw him and I also had a little brother. My mother wanted me to be a gypsy also but I had other plans. She taught me curses and tricks and ways to heal. One day my brother was irritating me so I chose to do a little trick on him. The charm was to close the mouth of the wolf or person but something grave happened. I mumbled the wrong words and paralyzed my brother. My mother hated me so she told me I would never find a pack that would except me. But here I am now ( in your face Laugh )


Friends: none

Enemies: none

Strengths: running

Weaknesses: energy level

Reference: my profile pic

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