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Hi, aand welcome to Green Escape! You have wandered into a strange territory, then you see a tall white wolf with odd red markings. He asks you calmly, "Who are you"

Whats your answer?
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Post  Starfire on Sat Mar 05, 2011 12:04 pm



Age:Young adult


Eye Color:Ice blue

Fur Color:Gray,white,and sometimes has Brown in it.

Markings:Has an red mark on her paw it is shaped like an star.



Personality:you will find out if you get to know me.But an pup giving me the puppy dog eyes will make me stop anything i'm doing.

Species:Gray wolf

Likes:Pups, chasing fire fly's, Playing snow ball fight, Sliding on a frozen lake,river,sea, or something else that has water frozen, and more.

Dislikes:Coyotes,Bears,fighting back food,Rival Packs, Wolves who correct her I do knot care how it's done i will do it my way, and many more.

Pack:I am in about 3 may be 4 if i get into this pack.

Rank:? dose not know i wish to be an Messenger if this pack has one or an pup sitter.

Family in the Pack:None

History:My mother and father were N-inja-wolves they died from an rival pack , when I was 1 years old the pack numbers were unfair 12 to 22 our pack was the 12 strong, I was to young to fight the rival pack so my mother and father hid me and my sister Cupcake, we are 1 year apart then our mother Star and Father Moonlight left us 2 fight the pack all of the wolves in the pack protected our mother and father to their deaths.Our mother and father lived while all the others died final it was 2 to 7 they fought to their deaths....I...I...I saw every thing that happened all those lives took away.


Friends:I do not know if I have any friends.

Enemies:Rival packs.

Strengths:Family and the pack.


Reference: Starfire's Bio Gray_w10 url=https://servimg.com/image_preview.php?i=6&u=16111228]Starfire's Bio Starfi11[/url]

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