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Hi, aand welcome to Green Escape! You have wandered into a strange territory, then you see a tall white wolf with odd red markings. He asks you calmly, "Who are you"

Whats your answer?
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Post  Soul Eater on Tue May 03, 2011 3:19 am

S O U L__E A T E R

Soul Eater's Shibusen Epicne10__________
N i c k n a m e s

- Soul - Solo - Eat - Term - Soul Cool -

H o u r g l a s s

Two Years

G e n d e r i s a t i o n


H i e a r a c h y


P e r s o n a l i t y

He has got a nice sweet natured temperament, however his instinct comes across as somewhat firm.
He will assert herself and will not take any rubbish from the pack members, when it is not needed. Unafraid to kill wolves, he may give the wrong impression. However he is caring, loving and protective of the wolves, allowing as little danger or threat to come to them as possible.
His calm and sweet temperment allows Soul Eater to enjoy the company of others. Play and romp with them in comfort and ease. Not wanting the pack members to fear him, or think that Soul is a scary lupin that must be feared, he will try and get along with them all as much as possible,
Soul Eater's Shibusen Laid_d10__________
H i s t o r y

Being born into a strong and successful pack, Soul found himself surrounded by loving and caring wolves, who would put themselves on the front-line for the ones he loved. Now being the suffer in silence type he would sit back and observe what the elder wolves and regals would do. He would take it all in and learn quickly. Soul, who was now old enough to gain a rank and be a labeled part of the pack was accepted as a decently higher subordinate, along with his sister Maka and brother Koby, who left earlier then Soul Eater. They both respected and filled their ranks, unable to move up higher within the pack.
After long deliberation, Soul spoke with his sister, being so close to him; about breaking away from their birth pack and moving off to find a new pack, being so determined. Eventually after a few string words with the pack leaders and their parents; Soul left his sister behind set off on his own in search of a new life.
His family and pack knew he would do fine as they has been brought up by the best in the trade.

A p p e a r a n c e

His tall slender frame, covered with dense golden hued fur. Double layered to keep him nice and warm, also the fur keeps him protected from the elements and from potential injuries that he may gain from being in a pack. Whether it be from sparring with his pack members to a full on bloody battle.

His muscular frame is kept in pristine condition as he is often feeding on the right foods and grooming himself. Sparring with his pack mates keep him well toned and ready for if he is needed in a real fight.

His pelt is mainly a solid orange hue, but in some places it filters out into a lighter shade; around his muzzle and down under his chin to his chest is a light almost white coloration. Whereas the main of his orange pelt has got mixtures of light and dark

Soul Eater's Shibusen Beauti10strands of his interwoven within it. Depending on the lighting of his surroundings, his pelt may look from a bright orange to a dull red at times.

His eyes are a shimmering shade of azure, with a delicate black pupil centered in the middle of each iris.

His height is around is around three feet and two inches at the whithers and he is approximately five feet and three inches from nose to tail. Fourty two sharp teeth line his delicate, yet powerful jaws. They're mainly used for hunting and eating, however he may have to use them against his own kind.
Soul Eater
Soul Eater

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