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Hi, aand welcome to Green Escape! You have wandered into a strange territory, then you see a tall white wolf with odd red markings. He asks you calmly, "Who are you"

Whats your answer?
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Your Wolf from Mist


1 1/2 Years
Fun Lovinqq, Loyal, Bit Disrespectful, Head Stronqq, Arroqant, And Definantly Is Not Afraid Tuu Leap Into A Fiqhht. She Loves Chasinqq Squirrels Because She Seems Tuu Hold Some Sort Of A Grudqe Aqainst Them, And Loves Chasinqq Bunnies For Fun But Always Lets Them Go Unless Shes Actually Hunqry. Despite Her Short Size And Her Younqq Aqe, Shes Very Spunky And Very Stronqq. She Was The Quickest In Her Old Packk And Can Beat Anyone In A Foot Race. Shes Also Amazinqqly Stronqq, Havinqq The Power Tuu Take Down A Full Grown Buck. She Learned When She Was Still A Newborn That Speed Creates Power. So She Focused Mostly On Her Speed And Then Focused On Her Strenqth. Doinqq This Made Her The Perfect Fiqhtinqq Machine. She Is Very Spunky And Will Not Take Any Back Talk From Anyone Unless Its The Alphas. She Especially Hates It When The More Older Of Wolves Push Her Around. In Her Days As A Lone Wolf She Made Friends With Many Creatures Of The Forest, Includinqq Indians (Who Gave Her Her Stranqqe Markinqqs And Braid As Well As The Earinqqs), Bears, Foxes, Rabbits, Badqers And Falcons. It Is Because Of These Ties That She Has Learned Tuu Catch Fish, Slyly Pursuade Others, Make Dens Like It's Nothinqq, And Has The Eyes Of A Hawk. In Her Mind, If Yuhr Not An Alpha, Yuu Have No Business Tellinqq Her What Tuu Do, And She'll Fiqqht Anyone Just Tuu Prove It.
Mist Is A Grey Wolf With A White Muzzle. She Has Lime Green Eyes And A Golden Rinqq Peirced In Her Left Ear, Under That Earinqq Is A Emerald Stud Earinqq. Her Left Eye Is Surrounded By A Stranqqe Symbol. She Has A Braid On Her Left Side That Is Dyed Green And Has An Indian Feather Tied Tuu It. She Has The Same Green Symbol On Both Of Her Shoulders. The White Of Her Riqqht Paw Is Dyed Green While The Others Remain White. She Has A Green Mark Of A Crescent Moon On Her Left Hip, As Well As A Larger Symbol On Both Of Her Back Haunches That Resemble That Of A Leaf, And On Her Tail Is A Green Star.